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The Wilbur Jones Online Memorial Gathering

Hello Jones Family! Susan and I would love for all of us to come together for an online time to share stories, PLUS for many of us to meet one another for the First Time!! I am calling the event a memorial, but actually it will be a lose format with the main purpose being…
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Can You Gig IT?!

The Gig Economy – what is it and are you READY? I have been reading several articles about this NEW Gig Economy. So when one blog pointed me toward a definition on – I was intrigued. Here is their definition: A gig economy is an environment in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract…
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Alrighty… What is your strategy against Ransomware?!

Have you thought about it? I read a GREAT article => A Nudge from Ransomware which got me thinking… A LOT of companies have remote working employees, who do not login to the “mothership” per say where all the daily backups and patch updates happen. They are given a company computer and maybe using it…
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Bots are a real part of a Productivity Life Style

Have you asked the question... "What are all the ways I can use the assistant that comes with my phone?" If not => you SHOULD and here’s why… First up what is a Bot? Bot (robot) – definition by found through A Bot (short for "robot") is a program that operates as an…
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