The Cloud Solution

Cloud Solution Tier One

Let create a filing system in the cloud for you and your team to access from your mobile devices/computers, with the ability to make realtime editing document changes. This will take into account your current mobile devices and computer equipment. Once that is done a Best Practices for document versioning will be tailor made for your team, to make sure everyone can get back to the document version they want. Finally let's get those passwords under control with an app, that also allows the onboarding of new employees/venders quickly. And the BEST part? Let's leverage the Freemium cloud to bring these costs down and scale larger only when needed!

What is a Freemium Cloud App?

Freemium is a business model in which the owner or service provider offers basic features to users at no cost and charges a premium for supplemental or advanced features. The term, which is a combination of the words "free" and "premium," was coined by Jarid Lukin of Alacra in 2006 after venture capitalist Fred Wilson came up with the idea.

Let's get to work... in the 21st Century!

Cloud Solution Tier One

  • Move company files to the cloud and organize for team access
  • Create a versioning system to prevent document loss
  • Create password management system for accessing websites and onboarding new employees


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