Alrighty… What is your strategy against Ransomware?!

Have you thought about it?

I read a GREAT article => A Nudge from Ransomware which got me thinking… A LOT of companies have remote working employees, who do not login to the “mothership” per say where all the daily backups and patch updates happen. They are given a company computer and maybe using it for personal reasons… Who knows what… Bottom-line => they are two MONTHS into a project and BAM => their computer gets locked down with a Bitcoin ransom note. Besides paying the fee – which, like the U.S. government knows, opens up a lot more ransoming… What do you have in place to mitigate the damage?!

Question to ask yourself => do you have all of your eggs in one basket? Or are you leveraging the cloud? Even if all of your files are in the cloud… (would that be ONE cloud or two?) How long is it going to take you to get back to your computer’s current state of use (functionality, preferences, etc…)?  All that stuff takes time!! Click the link and read the story about how this happened to a savvy computer techie -- via Computer World -- brace yourself it does not have a Happy Ending, but is it enough to get you to act?!

Photo credit: Steve Traynor (via Computer World)

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