Cloud App Integrations

Ready for The Cloud Solution?

    That moment you realize you can work from ANYwhere with ANY device...

    Let me guess... Your team is already using DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc... How is that working out for you? ;~D Are you losing files because no one can remember where the latest file is located, are you overwriting files without a recovery plan, or are you paying for services that you thought would be free (my fav) => and are now being told you HAVE to pay for the Premium service because of how your team is using the app? Let create an cloud app integration that works with solid cloud apps for your team to access from your mobile devices/computers, with the ability to make real-time editing document changes.  Creating a strategy for keeping you on the FREE side of freemium for as long as possible!  This workflow will take into account your business' unique output demands, current software (Microsoft Office, etc...), work with your current mobile devices and computer equipment. Let's leverage the Freemium cloud to bring these costs down and scale (pay for Premium) only when needed!

    What is a Freemium Cloud App?

    Freemium is a business model in which the owner or service provider offers basic features to users at no cost and charges a premium for supplemental or advanced features. The term, which is a combination of the words "free" and "premium," was coined by Jarid Lukin of Alacra in 2006 after venture capitalist Fred Wilson came up with the idea.

    Let's get to work... in the 21st Century!

    Cloud App Integrations

    • Create a communication system that streamlines workflow and allows workers to keep track of all that is going on in ONE place
    • Move company files to the cloud and ORGANIZE for team access/permissions
    • Create a versioning system to prevent document loss
    • Create password management system for accessing websites and onboarding new employees
    • Stop using multiple services that do the same thing
    • Get the BEST apps that will scale for future growth

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