The Wilbur Jones Online Memorial Gathering

Saturday September 22, 2018 to
Saturday September 22, 2018 to

Hello Jones Family!

Susan and I would love for all of us to come together for an online time to share stories, PLUS for many of us to meet one another for the First Time!! I am calling the event a memorial, but actually it will be a lose format with the main purpose being to meet each other and share stories for the next generation. The time together will be recorded for those of you who may not be able to attend. Also you will notice there are 2 time slots listed above. The first two hour block is for getting to know each other and reminiscing. The second time block of 4 hours is to watch a video our father had created in the last months of his life. I have not seen it yet, but I understand it will not be edited and is just him retelling stories of his life (and I am sure others that we know and love). I have a one hour break in-between for taking time to perhaps eat and then get back together (6 hours straight seemed like a lot). This video of Dad will be available online later as well. I am in touch with the videographer and she said they are in the middle of digitizing it, but she promised it will be ready for viewing by September 22. We hope everyone can make it!!!

What you will need to participate:

  1. A computer with internet access
  2. A webcam (this is ideal, make sure it has both a camera and mic)- laptops typically come with both
  3. OR you could just have a microphone (but you MUST have at least a microphone or it will not work)
  4. Download the free Zoom application: Mac, PC, and Mobile (make sure to choose your operating system and then => Zoom Client for Meetings)
  5. You can have more than one person together, but I would like a count on the total number of "logins", so if you are going to share let me know that!
  6. A LARGE monitor would be helpful to see everyone => Ha! (Think Brady Bunch)
  7. To test the installed Zoom application before the gathering go to this link: Test Zoom

Here is a list on Amazon for webcams (again make sure they have a video camera and a microphone):
Amazon Webcam Listing

Questions? (Not everyone knows this, but I have been a certified Microsoft and Adobe Software Trainer, for many many years.... ;~D)  Let me know =>  (that is my friends/family email ;~D)

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