Cloud Intranet: File Sharing

Gone are the days of: “Let me get back to you as soon as I return to the office and find that document.” You need your files wherever you are and you need them editable.

Add to all of that, your team needs to be able to receive real time updates to documents they use in the field. Finding a solution that will grow with your business needs is challenging enough, but layer on that all the different devices there are to access the documents... Many businesses are asking themselves: what are the Best Practices to Remote Team File Sharing? How do I give clients access to some, but not all documents?

What Cloud File Sharing Looks Like:

  • All files stored in the cloud, for access any time
  • Files organized by who can access them, cloud intranet
  • Access and work on files from any computer, Apple or Android device

Ready for The Cloud Solution?

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