Leveraging the Freemium Cloud

So many cloud apps – So little time to figure out which ones are right for your Business Team!


What does "leveraging the FREEmium cloud" mean? It means gluued.io looks at the BEST cloud apps suited for your team => considering your current hardware and software preferences, while keeping your company on the FREE side of Freemium for as LONG as possible! What the goal is:  to move and ORGANIZE your business into "the cloud" (geek-speak for being able to access your company's information from any device). Some popular applications are CRM (Customer Relations Management), Accounting, Team Communication, Project Management, to name a few... All of this done with an eye towards the future for being able to SCALE your business larger!!

Cloud Solutions

  • Cloud App Integrations

    That moment you realize you can work from ANYwhere with ANY device... Let me guess... Your team is already using DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc... How is that working out for you? ;~D Are you losing files because no one can remember where the latest file is located, are you…

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  • Cloud Intranet: File Sharing

    Gone are the days of: “Let me get back to you as soon as I return to the office and find that document.” You need your files wherever you are and you need them editable. Add to all of that, your team needs to be able to receive real time…

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  • Password Management

    Everyone has run into this concern if they use the internet at all. “What was that password?!” It is common for people to now have hundreds of passwords that they need to know and they are being told that these passwords should never be the same. How am I supposed…

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What's New?

About gluued.io

Where did this business idea come from?

gluued.io is a company building cloud infrastructure, specializing in small business remote teams, using mobile cloud apps. It was birthed out of my own needs. I am a small business owner who needed to share files and communicate with my own clients. I knew it would save time and money to use cloud apps, but by doing this… I found myself asking => why can’t this app work with this other one and why can’t it do such and such? Which is the BEST app for file storage/file sharing/file editing? Which apps play nicely in the cloud with other apps allowing for company growth and scalability? Which ones have the best user experience on my mobile devices? As I researched and found solution answers to these questions, I began to think… I cannot be by myself. The difference with me is... I have spent over 10 years as a certified software trainer. Translation: keeping up with new software and technical systems, for communicating to clients how to use them, based on their needs, is entrenched in my DNA!!

That is how gluued.io started.